700 km in 13 hours. Bangkok to Chiangmai by train

I was leaving Bangkok, or so to say, the suburb of Bangkok to move to Chiangmai. I bought my ticket that would stop in Rangsit station of Pathum Thani province at 22.57 for just one minute, enough for me to jump on the train. Continue reading “700 km in 13 hours. Bangkok to Chiangmai by train”

The Freedom of being a foreigner

“Any strange action can be justified if you are a foreigner”

Have you ever felt an urge of touching the nose of someone riding on the bus with you? Or screaming in the street or skipping all the way to work?

Any strange action can be justified if you are a foreigner, you just ‘come from a different culture’ and that’s ok. Continue reading “The Freedom of being a foreigner”

A day of my life. January 20, 2015

How I volunteered in Thailand, was chilling in the hot weather, and lived near a buddhist temple.

In Russian Livejournal there is a community called ‘A Day of my life’, where anyone can write about a day of their lives and share photos. Looking at it made me appreciate diversity and try to live every day of my life to the fullest. Back in January 2015 I took photos of how I lived one day and am sharing them just now.  Continue reading “A day of my life. January 20, 2015”

JJ Green vintage night market

Shopping, drinking, eating, and more fun activities at Bangkok’s JJ Green Vintage night market

Located in the north of Bangkok, next to infamous Chatuchak or JJ weekend market, JJ Green is more more fun, less touristy, more hipster, and can be not only shopping, but a whole experience. Continue reading “JJ Green vintage night market”