Inle lake boat trip

Every child born in a family living on Inle Lake first learns to walk and then how to ride a boat. Every temple on the lake has it’s own boat parking spots, and every family has a boat. People live on the lake, travel to visit others and to go shopping by boats, fish in the lake and even grow their tomatoes in the middle of the lake water!

Lake Inle is 116 km116 and it is the second largest lake in Myanmar. It is in danger because of population increase, tourism and agriculture development. Welcome for a boat trip on the lake! Continue reading “Inle lake boat trip”

Hello Myanmar!

When I first went to Thailand 4 years ago, my plan was to fly to Myanmar and get lost in Bagan with a bag full of money (that’s how my friends travelled around in 2010, being able to withdraw money only in Yangon). I read a lot about how dangerous and offline it was, and in the end did not have the guts to go alone. But you have been my dream, Myanmar, since then. And now, in 2017 my  birthday present is a trip to Myanmar, finally.  Continue reading “Hello Myanmar!”

8 words to know in Tajik

Getting ready for a trip to Tajikistan? Check out these eight words that can help you understand Tajik culture and prepare for your travels

Kurpacha – a mattress Tajik people sit on when they chat and sleep on at night. Kurpacha is nice and soft, and back in the day, the wealth of the family was counted by how many kurpachas they had. Continue reading “8 words to know in Tajik”

Mysore for lazy people – Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all (Part 4)

About my trip to India to study ashtanga yoga, where I found amazing friends and an Indian family, was happy all the time, discovered the best food in the world, and got a kick in the ass to continue my self-development. Part 4

The month I spent in India was indeed magical. For the first time not running anywhere, not rushing to see everything possible, just living it, breathing it and practicing.  Continue reading “Mysore for lazy people – Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all (Part 4)”