No shampoo for one year

How I lasted for a year of no shampoo and why I would like to continue


I spent the past year attending a lot of meditation retreats for work, and as you may know, they do not require you to look good, but rather not get attached to your appearance. And so, when one of the retreats in December began I decided to experiment with my hair, baking soda and apple cider vinegarContinue reading “No shampoo for one year”

No hair don’t care

Why it feels good to just shave your head one day without a reason and how nice it feels being bald

Is there anything you have always wanted but somehow never dared to do? For me it was shaving my head and I am happy to share how amazing it felt! Just be bold to be bald! Continue reading “No hair don’t care”

No shampoo for five months!

After five months of no shampoo I don’t feel like ever using it again.

Surrounded and confused by all the challenges and hashtags from social media, I stumbled upon an article about how toothpaste had fluoride and was bad for you, and started making my own toothpaste. Then I found one about shampoo and other chemicals and decided, just out of curiosity, to stop using shampoo for a month. Continue reading “No shampoo for five months!”