Little bites of joy

When we open our eyes and stop living on autopilot, we are able to find joy in every little moment in no effort.

What are little bites of joy? The moments when you feel alive the most and when you are grateful and aware of all the joy you can get from it. In every moment, here and now, there is great potential for joy, go for it! Continue reading “Little bites of joy”

Celebrate life

One of the greatest traditions of humans is to celebrate birthdays. I am not sure who came up with this and when, but celebrating the day you came into this world is powerful, even if it’s just eating cake and remembering your good deeds.

What about other aspects of life? Is there some celebration lacking? Continue reading “Celebrate life”

I allow myself to be

My personal chant on honoring myself and allowing, but not avoiding, loving, but not fearing.

I allow myself to feel awkward.

I allow myself to eat meat.

I allow myself to have a white line on my back from suntanning in the swimming suit

and, unless I feel like it, I don’t have to be fit Continue reading “I allow myself to be”

Always say “Yes”. Lessons from improv theater

When there is a list of exercises for us to do, some will inevitably attract us and others will scare us to death, and, according to Julia Cameron, you should do exercises of both categories, those you love and those you hate. Continue reading “Always say “Yes”. Lessons from improv theater”

Cry it all out

When you feel like crying and don’t allow yourself to let it out, remember – the world is thirsty for your tears

Yesterday I started my day with a regular detox drink and a yoga practice, and when all was done and I was ready to sit at my computer and work, I suddenly felt like crying. Such a deep pity for myself from the depth of my heart, and I let it out. Continue reading “Cry it all out”

Arriving in India – Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all (Part 1)

About my trip to India to study ashtanga yoga, found amazing friends and an Indian family, was happy all the time, discovered the best food in the world, and got a kick in the ass to continue my self-development. Part 1

I had been practicing ashtanga yoga on my own for about three month, doing many of the postures not exactly in the right way, when a friend told me he was planning to go to Mysore in winter. Why don’t I join? And I did. Continue reading “Arriving in India – Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all (Part 1)”