How to walk your path in life?

I have a witch friend. She does magic to everything she touches, and I was lucky to become a part of her life.

One day I really wanted to go to Central Asia, but I did not think I deserved the trip, and she convinced me I deserved everything in the world. She empowered me. This is when I learnt that people who nourish me are priceless in my life. Continue reading “How to walk your path in life?”


Float to relax

As soon as I found about floatation tanks (aka sensory deprivation tanks), I had been wanting to try the experience, and now, having floated three times already, I am excited to share.

Floatation tanks are filled with very very salty water (similar to the Dead Sea water), and one can simply lay down and float. The temperature of the water is similar to the body Continue reading “Float to relax”

Write to heal

Since a very young age, I have kept journals. I put photos of boys I liked inside and wrote down important events of my middle school life. I even wrote poetry, and I still like some poems from those days. Now, when I am almost 30 years old, I start to truly appreciate journaling and writing and discover all of its benefits. Continue reading “Write to heal”

2017 wish list – write your resolutions

There is no better time to plan next year than now, at the end of this year. Shall we?

There is no better time to plan next year than now, at the end of this year. Shall we?

Continue reading “2017 wish list – write your resolutions”

8 words to know in Tajik

Getting ready for a trip to Tajikistan? Check out these eight words that can help you understand Tajik culture and prepare for your travels

Kurpacha – a mattress Tajik people sit on when they chat and sleep on at night. Kurpacha is nice and soft, and back in the day, the wealth of the family was counted by how many kurpachas they had. Continue reading “8 words to know in Tajik”

No hair don’t care

Why it feels good to just shave your head one day without a reason and how nice it feels being bald

Is there anything you have always wanted but somehow never dared to do? For me it was shaving my head and I am happy to share how amazing it felt! Just be bold to be bald! Continue reading “No hair don’t care”