Packing hacks

What we need and what we do not need on our journeys


Have you ever been on a trip with a huge backpack, and realised that you never used it? Have you ever regretted having to roll a big luggage along the street while looking for your hotel? Good new is that you can set yourself free from heavy luggage with mindfulness and consideration, and I will show you how to do it. Continue reading “Packing hacks”

Write to heal

Since a very young age, I have kept journals. I put photos of boys I liked inside and wrote down important events of my middle school life. I even wrote poetry, and I still like some poems from those days. Now, when I am almost 30 years old, I start to truly appreciate journaling and writing and discover all of its benefits. Continue reading “Write to heal”

Mental fart?

A disastrous explosion of anxiety, overthinking and complicating – how to deal with a mental fart

Have you ever been anxious without a reason? Woken up all sweaty? Lost your sense of direction and felt like the world is a balloon pointlessly floating around and so easy to pop? Welcome to the club of mental farters.

Continue reading “Mental fart?”

Cry it all out

When you feel like crying and don’t allow yourself to let it out, remember – the world is thirsty for your tears

Yesterday I started my day with a regular detox drink and a yoga practice, and when all was done and I was ready to sit at my computer and work, I suddenly felt like crying. Such a deep pity for myself from the depth of my heart, and I let it out. Continue reading “Cry it all out”

Alternative vacation ideas

Fun and inexpensive ways to spend your holidays differently

Bored of sun bathing on the beach? Looking forĀ a challenge that will keep you excited all the time? Choose a different way to spend your vacation this summer that will change your mindset and expand your horizon. Continue reading “Alternative vacation ideas”