Where is your safe space?

One morning in Chiang Mai I felt as if a big bouquet of yellow flowers suddenly faded inside my chest. I was sad because my good friend left Chiang Mai.
I was riding my bike looking for some happiness around the old town. In front of a temple with a golden roof I found a little shabby cafe which served bagels. Bagels with cream cheese, with peanut butter, with eggs and bacon made my mouth water. The smile of the girl who worked there was contagious. The sun was kissing my face through the window.

Happy life in Chiang Mai

When I first came to Chiang Mai in 2013, I was sitting at Wat Phra Singh temple during the evening chanting, I listened to the voices of the monks and warm heat was going through my body. “Chiang Mai is a home”, I thought back then. And in 2016 I moved here.

Chiang Mai is a sunny warm place connecting the paths of those who Continue reading “Happy life in Chiang Mai”

700 km in 13 hours. Bangkok to Chiangmai by train

I was leaving Bangkok, or so to say, the suburb of Bangkok to move to Chiangmai. I bought my ticket that would stop in Rangsit station of Pathum Thani province at 22.57 for just one minute, enough for me to jump on the train. Continue reading “700 km in 13 hours. Bangkok to Chiangmai by train”