When I am in love

When I am in love I fly to every place I need to go to, I bathe in the light of the ordinary and nothing scares me.

When I am in love, fresh laundry smells like cornflower fields and my thoughts get lost in a hidden temple in the Armenian mountains where I could sit next to you for hours enjoying sunshine without breaking silence between us. Continue reading “When I am in love”


Alternative vacation ideas

Fun and inexpensive ways to spend your holidays differently

Bored of sun bathing on the beach? Looking for a challenge that will keep you excited all the time? Choose a different way to spend your vacation this summer that will change your mindset and expand your horizon. Continue reading “Alternative vacation ideas”

Koh Tao ‘TO DO list’

Looking for a tropical paradise in Thailand? Check out Koh Tao and find an activity that suits you best.

Koh Tao is an island in the southeast part of the bay of Thailand. It is close to the other two bigger islands, Koh Phangan (famous for full moon parties) and Koh Samui. You can reach Koh Tao by bus or train from Bangkok to either Chumpon or Surat Thani and take a ferry from there. In Thai ‘Koh’ means island and ‘Tao’ means turtle, so supposedly it is the island of turtles, but since a couple of decades ago the island has been overdeveloped and flooded by tourists, the turtles almost disappeared. A freediving instructor who has been living in Koh Tao for the past five years said he had seen turtles twice and a shark once.

Continue reading “Koh Tao ‘TO DO list’”

No shampoo for five months!

After five months of no shampoo I don’t feel like ever using it again.

Surrounded and confused by all the challenges and hashtags from social media, I stumbled upon an article about how toothpaste had fluoride and was bad for you, and started making my own toothpaste. Then I found one about shampoo and other chemicals and decided, just out of curiosity, to stop using shampoo for a month. Continue reading “No shampoo for five months!”

A day of my life. January 20, 2015

How I volunteered in Thailand, was chilling in the hot weather, and lived near a buddhist temple.

In Russian Livejournal there is a community called ‘A Day of my life’, where anyone can write about a day of their lives and share photos. Looking at it made me appreciate diversity and try to live every day of my life to the fullest. Back in January 2015 I took photos of how I lived one day and am sharing them just now.  Continue reading “A day of my life. January 20, 2015”

JJ Green vintage night market

Shopping, drinking, eating, and more fun activities at Bangkok’s JJ Green Vintage night market

Located in the north of Bangkok, next to infamous Chatuchak or JJ weekend market, JJ Green is more more fun, less touristy, more hipster, and can be not only shopping, but a whole experience. Continue reading “JJ Green vintage night market”