katiakulykMy name is Katia.

I have lived in the US, China, and Thailand, and now I am back to my homecountry, Ukraine, where I stay near beautiful Atlantida cave.

I speak Ukrainian, English, Mandarin, Polish, Russian, and learning Spanish and Thai.

I love languages, ashtanga yoga, traveling, sex, laughing, dancing, improv theatre, Asia, writing, zero waste living, healthy lifestyle, sustainability, peace, paddle boards, tea, cooking for friends, get togethers, games, hiking, insane workouts, meditation, challenges, massage, books, dogs, time of the day before sunset, cuddling, and much more. And that’s what this blog is about.

‘Mehmehsasa’ is an exclamation of a person who is surprised or impressed in the Chinese dialect of Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province, which is in south west China, and which I consider my second home.

I hope at least something I write here will make you say “Mehmehsasa!” or at least “Meh!” =)

If you want to collaborate, drop me a line at kulyk.katia@gmail.com

I am especially interested in collaborating on

  • organize a tour in your country
  • writing a children’s book
  • experiments and challenges
  • environmental projects
  • creativity
  • meditation and yoga
  • personal growth workshops