Learn to meditate online

If you wish to try meditation or make it a daily practice, but don’t know where to start, read on.

Computer/phone access

Isha Kriya

A 15 minute practice with Sadguru, to which you can commit to do once or twice and receive 40 day email reminders. ‘Kriya’ means ‘internal action’, which will get you in touch with yourself if you practice along with Sadguru’s voice. The practice is really simple – you start by repeating “I am not the body” to your inhalation and “I am not even the mind” when exhaling, and after seven minutes of this you chant the sound “Ahh” along with Sadguru’s voice. Then he chants and you just sit, listen and relax. This last part feels good and is very calming.

Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey organized a 21 day online meditation challenge, here is day 1 and you can find the rest searching them on youtube. Deepak has other guided meditation challenges, like Abundance one, check them out on his channel.

Peace Revolution

Peace Revolution is a website, where you can practice a free 42-day self-development course, and you will have a Peace Coach, who has been through this journey and can answer all your questions. This program turned my life upside down and I highly recommend it. You can find me guiding meditations in the program on day 3 and day 25, see you there!

My guided meditations

Meditate along with my voice on Dreamhatha youtube. I have practiced since 2012 with Peace Revolution project and since 2015 have been a certified meditation trainer with World Peace Initiative.

Osho meditations

Osho Dynamic meditation is a must try at least once in your life. It is a transcendental experience of shaking, dancing, jumping and going crazy first thing in the morning. Once I finish the one hour practice, I feel at ease, happy and relaxed. The link I share is the music to which it’s done, and I recommend to try at least once at an Osho center before you start practicing it at home.

I also recommend Osho Kundalini meditation, Osho Mandala meditation, Chakra Sounds and Chakra Breathing, as some of my favorites. What I like about these meditations is that they treat the body and and mind and one whole system, and work with both.

Phone Apps


The founder of Headspace Andy Puddicombe has been a monk and knows a lot about meditation. His voice is calming with a nice British accent, and simply listening to him makes you feel ok. The app is subsciption based, but you can try the first 10 meditations for free.


In Calm they have cool timers for breathing exercises, you watch them move and breathe along, and this helps you relax right away.


In Insight there are guided meditations, timers and the community you can discuss your progress with.

Mindfulness Bell

This is my favorite app I use a lot. It is a sounds of the Tibetan bowl you can set as an alarm. Say you plan to meditate for an hour, so you simply set it to ring in one hour and sit in silence. You can also set the bell to ring every hour, and remind yourself to be mindful for a minute, returning to your feelings and bodily sensations and being present in the moment.

Enjoy your meditation and let me know 1) which tool you like the most from the list 2) which other tools you use that I did’t mention.


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