Why am I feeling sad?

feeling sad

This article is about sadness, it’s purpose and it’s meaning. Read on.

Society trains us to concentrate on good feelings and avoid bad feelings, which is logical, in case you wish to feel good. Don’t blame society for bringing you up in a wrong way, it is the best way society knew up until now, and it’s y our turn to make it even better.

Emotions are indicators. Understanding your emotions, or in other words emotional intelligence, will help you 1. Do what you really truly want, 2. Listen to what your subconscious has to tell you 3. Avoid those moments you are simply naughty and continue concentrating on something really important.

How to understand what you feel?

When you are disconnected from what you feel, you can’t really tell what you feel. Feelings sheet from Dr. Marshal Rosenberg is a great tool that helped me connect back to myself. Add it to your phone and set and hourly reminder (you can use Mindfulness bell iphone android) to check in with yourself.

  • What am I feeling right now? 

Look at the list of feelings. Answer honestly. If you have the guts to go further, ask yourself

  • Why am I feeling this way?

Usually your feeling will give you an important hint on your behaviour. Learning to listen to your feelings and emotions will help you navigate life with more ease.

According to Non Violent communication, some feelings indicate that our needs have been met. For example – I feel happy because my need for connection is met, I am with my friends having a great afternoon tea. Other feelings indicate our needs have not been met. For example, I am afraid because my need for safety has not been met.

When you feel sad, what should you do?

Live on. Emotions come in cycles. Humans are complicated being who need to experience a wide range of emotions to be alive. You are a human, and it is something to celebrate right now, even though you are sad.

You can

  • dive into this sadness and experience every little aspect of it
  • ask your sadness where it comes from
  • express your sadness with tears/ turn it into anger and jump around the room / talk to someone and ask for a hug
  • or if you really need to be your best self right now and avoid this sadness for some reason, check out my video which is meant to cheer you up


Let me know in comments – how do you deal with sadness and how do you understand your emotions. Hugs



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