8 places to work online in Vinnytsia

My review of 8 cozy venues with nice coffee and internet, where you can work on your computer. If you are digital nomad or simply want to change your setting for a day, you may enjoy one of these places.

My review of cozy venues with nice coffee and internet.

Are you a digital nomad traveling the world with your computer? Do you simply want to take a day off from the office and work at a coffee shop? If you are in Vinnytsia looking for a good place to work, here is what I recommend.

Artinov creative space – it is a coworking in Vinnytsia city center. You pay by hour or daily price (35/25 UAH per hour, 100 UAH per day), you can have unlimited coffee/tea and cookies, and good internet. Once they provided me with a small conference call room downstairs when I had to do my Facebook live. They also have many events, like presentation, software engineering schools, travel clubs, language clubs, but most of them in Ukrainian/Russian.

Brothers coffee shop – this is my favorite option. They have 20 kinds of coffee and other hot drinks, internet was good enough for conference calls and youtube uploads. There is music playing inside, if this may distract you. The toilet is next door. There is a summer terrace.

Vesna – a coffee shop and a flower shop with nice design. They also have cakes, but I cant tell if they are good, I had an Americano here. The name means “spring” in Ukrainian, and I love it that there are flowers and a fresh feeling.

Imbir showroom and coffee – a new hipster place in town. They are burning aromacandles inside, which smell very good! They have a cat! I liked working here, the music was a bit too loud for my taste, but almost did not distract me. You can also buy Made in Ukraine products here.

Cherdak space – a beautiful coworking on the 8th floor with huge windows and a view of Southern Buh, the main river in Vinnytsia. Really recommend for the view. They have 40 UAH entrance fee + charge hourly on top (you can simply come in and check it out if you just wanna check out the view)

Blue cactus – an artsy little coffee shop with a flavor of old Vinnytsia. If you are looking for something special/different, check it out for sure. I only had a coffee and quiche pie here (no working), but I liked the ragged place so much I had to write about it!

Biblioteka cafe – it is more of a restaurant. You can eat, have dessert, have hot and alcoholic drinks here. The tables are cozy with nice couch seats next to them. I used to like working here. It is chill during the day. They have two locations, the one I pointed out is in the city center.

Lviv cukiernia – chocolate cafe with cakes and other food. Close to the Tower and park, it has good location and not too many people during he daytime (busy at night).

Where do you like to work in Vinnytsia? Comment about your favorite place, I would love to broaden my range of opportunities.

NOTE: I work mostly with texts and cannot guarantee internet will be good enough for video calls in all the places, but coworking internet is good for sure.

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