New Year Resolutions

If you don’t know where you are going, where will you arrive? Every morning, remind yourself what is the general direction of your life.

People tend to think about this a lot in December. January is considered a month of new beginnings, many making New Year resolutions, and 90% of people not sticking to them by the end of January.

In this article I will share my practice of making new year resolutions and some tips on how to make sure they come true for you.

How to set achievable goals

There are two kinds of goals, abstract and concrete. The abstract is “I want to be fit and healthy”, the concrete is “I want to weigh 50 kg, run a marathon and have no pain anywhere in my body”. You could make it more concrete depending what exactly you want. You can start with abstract. Answer these questions for yourself:

  • What do you want?
  • How do you want to feel next year?

Remember, you always have to move on to concrete and make sure you write them out. Imagine the picture of you having it what you want. Write down what you see, feel and hear.

For example, you want love. You concrete goal could be “I meet a person, who is 180 cm tall, has  brown hair, brown eyes, I like his jokes, we like to have sex together, he asks me to move in together before the end of the year. We eat meals, go shopping, have sex and clean the house together.” Or it could be “I have a lover I meet every week for dinner and sex”. Remember, it is up to YOU to think of the concrete details, but you absolutely have to write them out. Once they are written, you will always get what you want.

I recommend Unravel your year workbook by Susannah Conway. Working through the book you will write about both abstract and concrete goals. Check it out.

How to make it a habit

Many people say “I want to drink more water”, “I want to exercise more”, “I want to eat less sugar”. How do you make this abstract goal into a habit? First, make it concrete “I want to drink 8 cups of water per day”. Then minimize it to a stupid small habit “I want to drink a sip of water as soon as I get up” or “I want to pour me some  water in the cup in the morning.” Now do the stupid small thing every day, even on holidays, even when you get sick, even when someone dies. By doing a stupid small task you are building new neural pathways in your brain to make it a habit using the way of as little resistance as possible. To learn more, read Mini habits book by Stephen Guise.

My New year resolutions 2019

They say if you announce your commitments to a bigger number of people, you are more likely to stick to them. I share my resolutions by email with my friend Angie every year, and this year I share them with you.❤️ sign a contract with a literary agent
❤️ my books published abroad
❤️ write a book about Ukrainian village
❤️ have Dreamhatha youtube channel about conscious living, health and mindfulness (2 videos/ month)
❤️ organise at least 3 trips/retreats
❤️ do my miracle morning routine every morning (meditation, morning pages, exercise, cold shower)
❤️ read 55 books in 2019
❤️ go to 2 new countries
❤️ plant a tree
❤️ speak Spanish fluently
❤️ buy a home

Share yours in comments. If you could only make one and stick to it, which one would be the most important one?

new year resolutions mehmehsasa

Every year I make a summary of what happened and all the lessons I learnt. I call it “My little lives”. Read my Little lives of 2018 , or 2017 and 2016. Enjoy!

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