How to walk your path in life?


I have a witch friend. She does magic to everything she touches, and I was lucky to become a part of her life.

One day I really wanted to go to Central Asia, but I did not think I deserved the trip, and she convinced me I deserved everything in the world. She empowered me. This is when I learnt that people who nourish me are priceless in my life.

“People go to universities, she said, only to get certificates that allow them to qualify for something”. “I am a qualified in Chinese language”, I said. “You don’t need a certificate to be qualified in doing what you love”, she said.

After this conversation, I decided to become a writer, especially my first novel was about to be published. So I secretly wrote on my Facebook headline that I was a storyteller.

They say we spend half of our life to learn something and the second half to unlearn this. I must be in the second half of my life already, because I have had enough of learning. So many beliefs of other people are stuck inside my head that I cannot hear my own voice. Good that I have people who nourish and empower me. They sit next to me and look in the same direction, and help me in hearing my own voice.

My second novel will be published this fall, and I am still doubting – Am I a writer?

“Who cares what others say, says my witch friend. It only matter what you want”.

I have decided to be a writer. I even wrote it on my Facebook headline, secretly, and turned off notifications, not to attract too much attention to this fact. Have I really decided this just now? The more I live in this second half of my life, the more I know there are things that are predetermined, but there are choices inside these paths. I have learnt to define myself before someone else does, this is my life.

Define yourself – who are you?

Buddha said something like this “the one who was walking on the path and walked off the path will hang himself on the first tree he sees”. I like Buddha, and I agree with many things he says.

I also feel I am walking my path. The more I write, the easier it is to breathe and to live.

What is it that helps you breathe with ease?

mehmehsasa_Do what you love.jpg

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