Traveling for life – #travelenjoyrespect

How traveling makes us grow, and how we grow with sustainable travel – my story

When I am asked – where do you live at the moment? I have no answer to this question. I live everywhere and nowhere at the same time, and this broadens my opportunities, at the same time making the range of responsibilities broader. I am Ukrainian, but visa policies are the only barriers that stop me from being all over the world.

We, the people, have so much in common that we often unconsciously try to separate from one another, but my biggest realisation in life is that we are one. And so, I travel the world, whenever I can, to celebrate this unity and diversity.

How do I travel?

I do not simply travel, I penetrate the lives of locals, I break in to their houses and cheer them up with my explosive laughter and travel stories, I make food for them, and I offer my help, I listen to their stories about their cultures, we compare our languages and lives and find so much in common.

  • I travel to share ( I have taught English in China and meditation everywhere)
  • I travel to connect ( I have friends in every country of the world, and we meet in unexpected places, like airports or hummus restaurant in Amsterdam)
  • I travel to inspire mindfulness (this is my mission and the job I love)
  • I learn from everyone I meet (I learnt building with mud in Bali, and I leant meditation from the monks in Thailand)
  • I travel to celebrate diversity and unity

How do I respect?

I do not move things around – I do not take beautiful crystals out of the cave, I do not bring seashells home from the seaside. I have my own bamboo straw for smoothies in South East Asia. I am learning to accept and respect the viewpoints and cultures of others. I allow things to be in the right place at the right moment, and life to go with the flow. I love my planet, and last April I learnt how to live zero waste, I even made a compost in my backyard in Thailand and fabric bags from my old linen pants. These fabric bags travel everywhere with me.

  • I stay with locals
  • sometimes I move to a country (I have lived in China for 5 years, in the US for a year and in Thailand for 2,5 years)
  • I avoid buying plastic
  • I take care of my health
  • I share my love, knowledge and inspiration in communities I go to

How do I enjoy?

Be here now – and you will enjoy. Serve the people and it will fill your life with the highest purpose. I used to travel for seeing places – waterfalls and rivers, beach and desert.

Now I travel to see people. I work to promote mindfulness and meditation as tools to make life better. I travel to share meditation with people, and I have already taught yoga and meditation in Thailand, China, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Georgia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Serbia. When we meditate together, we connect and share, we open up and allow ourselves to grow. But most importantly, we inspire each other to be healthy physically and emotionally, to nurture ourselves with good food, to respect and love one another, and to love our planet.

Meditation teaches us that being interconnected, every step of every individual matters, and therefore we take responsibility for our actions. It is my mission in life to inspire people to take responsibility for their actions, to get in charge of their lives and to create the world of their dreams.

I have organised 3 Bridge Peace Fellowships in 2015-2017 in Georgia for people from Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia, and one more in Serbia for South East Europe which just ended on October 1. I took part in many meditation fellowships in Thailand where I taught, facilitated, supported and inspired. I wrote a book about the life of foreigners in China and one more about a foreigner in Ukraine.

Every step I make is a new attempt to connect the dots and to celebrate unity and diversity through humility, service and personal growth.


This is my submission to Travel Enjoy Respect competition, the aim of which is to promote sustainable traveling.

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