Invite yourself on a date

Have you ever been on  a date with yourself? Sounds silly right? When something sounds silly to me, I do it right away, just because it helps me get out of the comfort zone.

Find two hours in your week when you can be alone. Only you and you. This time you will dedicate to being with yourself, the most important person in your life.

When the time of your date comes, close your eyes and think – What do you feel like? Choose something you want to do. It does not have to be fancy or socially approved, it has to be something YOU are interested in.

Date with yourself examples:

  • watch people sitting on the bench in a park
  • write a diary in the coffee shop
  • take yourself to the zoo
  • go to the movies
  • go to the art gallery
  • hike up the hill/ go to the forest/ beach
  • go to a spa
  • lay in bed and read a book
  • sit on the grass in the park and listen to music
  • make chocolate at home in your kitchen
  • play a sport on your own

It can be anything that makes you smile and reconnect with yourself.

Julia Cameron suggested this and many other nice things in her book The Artist Way. Read it if you want to love yourself more and allow yourself to be more creative in everything.

Be kind to yourself. You are the most important person in your life.


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