Thank you – the importance of gratitude

how gratitude makes us happy and how beneficial it is to be grateful every day

One teacher asked the students to look at this picture and tell him what they see.

What do you see?

black dot.png

Most of the students could see a black dot, and all of them noted it.
What they did not notice, said the teacher, was a broad white space surrounding the black dot, and none of them talked about it. The teacher wanted to point out that we often concentrate on one little problem in life and it takes all our attention. Like this we forget to pay attention to all things nonproblematic that make us alive and shiny and that we can be grateful for.

They say gratitude is the number one point to be happy. It is not the people who have a lot who are happy, but those who are grateful for what they have. I have been blessed to meet many people on my path who are grateful for their lives and the beauty they have around them, and I constantly get inspired by these people.

This autumn has been beautiful yellow season, during which many things happened and I learnt a a lot and grew a lot, and when the first snow starts falling in Ukraine, I would love to honor this autumn and express all the things I am grateful for.

I am grateful for the chakra singing marathon I did in September with Anna Zapryagayeva that helped me balance myself, I am grateful for South East Europe Peace fellowship that was my big project and it came out wonderful and helped connect many beautiful hearts, I am grateful for being able to stay with Filip and his family in Belgrade and have a taste of Serbian life, I am grateful to have been a part of European Council for Peace and development conference and meet so many people who are making changes in their communities, all different but all united. I am grateful for meeting a beautiful person Gopi Kallayil through online interview, and that he showed me direction to identify what is important in my life. I am grateful for starting winter swimming in Zbruch river, and I am grateful for morning jogs in Marusya the dog, for the poetry and stories I have written, for planting strawberries and painting drawings of Malej which will soon come as postcards. I am grateful for facing my fears in the cave, and for falling in love with this cave. I am grateful for my friends, who are in my heart and all over the world, for Yana banana who has hosted me in Sofia and pampered and loved me twice this month! I am grateful for the Artist Way book and daily morning pages which help me remember every day that I am the creator of my own life, and that my creativity can create miracles.

Marusya the dog =)

Most importantly, I am grateful for setting myself free to follow my heart and trust my feelings, for putting myself out of the box of mental constructs and into the world of here and now, where everything I can feel is like music and light flowing through my body. Remembering how to be yourself is the most important mission of your life. Live it!

What are you grateful for this autumn?

On your way to work every morning, or as you are having your coffee/tea, allow yourself the space to list everything you are grateful for on the paper or in your mind, and you will see the magic coming into your life.



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