Offline is a luxury

Last week I decided to disconnect for 24 hours and see what happens. Here you will read what happened. 

If you divide humans into cats and dogs, I am definitely a dog. When I discover something new and interesting, I run to it and wiggle my tail around it, and then I run somewhere else and wiggle my tail again. Like this life is very exciting, but system overloads happen. One day, a bit disconnected from my partner, I suggested him to go offline together for the whole Sunday.

Sunday started with my partner checking his work and messaging all morning. I had to stay away from it. And so I practiced yoga, I cooked food, I ate in silence, I read a book. We went for a walk and we looked at the river and ate ice cream, we sat and stood and walked and drank cinnamon tea and hang out with the cat.

In the evening I went for my “Artist’s date” which is a date with myself, and I discovered a new angle to the ugly Kiev road and found apricots and apple quince growing there. I went into the forest park and sat there as the day was slowly fading away. Then I returned home, and creatively cooked dinner.

I had a big temptation to call my best friend from the forest, but it turned out we are so online these days that I have no phone number of my best friend. Even though his number has been printed on all of my name cards by accident, I only thought of it now as I am writing this article, one week later.

While I was cooking dinner, my partner said – “Ok, I give up, I will watch the news now”. And so he went online watching news, but I made him wear headphones. “I am so blessed” I thought to myself. I am blessed because I never watch the news.

Is internet good or evil?

When the internet appeared it was a valuable tool and very much appreciated by people. Later it turned into a dance of beauty, trash, useful information and mind terror. There is a pick for anyone’s taste online. With internet reach out it was thought people would now have more access to information and would be able to make smarter decisions. My friend wrote a whole thesis on it, and no, everyone stayed at their own level – someone continued reading scientific papers and someone played shooting games. What do you choose?

Is it really the internet that is toxic or the toxic thoughts flowing into the internet? Yes, information does overload our brains and let us admit it, there is a lot of information available today, but it is us, humans who decide which information to receive and how to use it.

Are you in charge of your life? Is your mind a boss or a servant? Join my simple offline experiment tomorrow and see if you can handle it – no internet for 24 hours.

What can you do offline?

Read,  dance, watch, walk, cook, snuggle, kiss, sleep, meditate, do sports, take photos, play games, knit, move your furniture, get lost in an unknown street, go to a lake, go swimming, suntan, smile to strangers, give away free hugs, climb a mountain, have a coffee with a friend, be lazy, watch a movie, clean your apartment, look through old clothes to give away, draw mandalas, water color….

If I did not name it, let me know what else. Offline we go.




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