How to be homeless

What does it mean – to be homeless? How to define home? Should all of us have a need for home or is home overrated?

They say – your home is where your toothbrush is. I have calculated my homes since May 19, 2017 and I realized my toothbrush has been to 17 different places in 3 countries having moved 26 times from place to place. Where exactly is my home? These days many friends ask me – so now you will be living in Ukraine? And my answer is – I completely don’t know, I could not care less about where I shall live, and I am so happy about it!

I have been thinking all this when I heard a real estate business seminar on youtube by chance. The man in the video was saying to never buy your own home. This would get you attached and you would have to fix it and it would not bring any profit. Never have a home? I thought. But then I cannot settle and have kids, and have a dog, and have my happy life which will surely end the days of scattering around the planet. Wait, do I really need my own home for all these purposes? The answers are “no” – I have seen people traveling with kids, I have seen dogs not being property of humans and I have seen many renting their homes all their lives.

There are so many solutions to all the questions in the world and there are so many beautiful ways of being homeless, and I was inspired to share them with you.

Live on airbnbs

James Altucher is an investor, he has sold his two apartments and travels around, living solely on airbnb rented apartments. You can make money on the go using modern technology and move around living where you please. You can even own a property and rent it out, using rent money to live in your new place in a new country on a flexible schedule.


Visit friends and family

There is a saying in Russian which can be translated as “Do not have 100 dollars, but have a 100 friends” (Не имей сто рублей, а имей сто друзей). I am so blessed with my huge international friend family. Traveling to see my friends is a great amazing way to reconnect and be a part of their lives for a couple of days, and it is also a way to receive an offer of a free bed. As I write this article, my mom and I are visiting my uncle and we shall stay with his family for a week.

If you don’t have any friends in places you want to go, you can find them on Couchsurfing.

Go hitchhiking with a tent

When in China, I met a group of Russian hitchhikers who had no money whatsoever. Back in 2012 it sounded crazy, and I did not understand those people, but still I curiously stayed around. I learnt from them that there are ways to move around and sleep for free almost anywhere. One can sleep at a temple, ask friendly locals to stay overnight, or put a tent somewhere by the road. One can make money doing simple jobs to hosts from Workaway or HelpX. One can practically live anywhere not being attached to money.

Become a monk

In this case, you are not completely homeless, as the temple becomes your home, but the point is – you do not own your temple, and so you are free from property. There are many cases when people escape material world into monk hood, like a Chinese millionaire who became a monk and is now cooking for the commune kitchen, or my friend from Kenya who became a monk for a month. If this resonates with you, try it.

Come up with your own being homeless idea and share it with me. I do not oppose having a home, but I don’t agree with having a home just because someone told you to. Wake up and make your own conscious decision.

Truth be told, we all need to feel grounded and safe, but for some a home can satisfy such needs, and for some, home can be found within.

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