Doing magic? Yes, you can!

When we think of magic, we imagine witches, Harry Potter, magic wands, flying on broomsticks and preparing potions. Is magic really only potions and broomsticks, or are they just symbols? Learning about your inner magician can help you look at magic differently and start doing the tricks. 

For centuries alchemists were looking for a way to make gold, and we have all heard about it. What if gold can be made without any substances or outer actions? What if gold can be simply discovered inside? For a human is a like a universe and every human has so much potential to do real magic, right here and right now. So then why don’t you open up and bloom?

Teachers of magic

Magic teachers surround you everywhere. Be aware and learn from them!

My magic teacher, Maria, is the most inspiring person I have ever met. When she speaks, she is soft and clear, and her voice flows smoothly out of her mouth. She is calm and confident and she always has solutions to all the problems.

Before I met Maria, I was not sure doing magic was possible, and Maria inspired me to open my wings and start creating. The thing about creativity – we sometimes consider ourselves not creative because we do not paint or dance on the stage. Truth is – every human is a creative being. Every day  we create the masterpiece of our life – designs and styles of our living conditions, our food. Humans are the only creatures who have thought of recreating the world in their own way (painting this vase with flowers, making a sculpture of a human that already exists), and this is an incredible proof that we all are creators to start with. Creators can all do magic.

For example:

Magic tricks for every day life

  • putting a smile on a grumpy face just by smiling to this person
  • listening without giving advice and letting the cauldron of transformation boil on its own inside your friend. Being a great support.
  •  creating your own world inside your home, with hammocks, cushions, paintings and carpets, a place better than fairytale
  • telling stories! – oh such a powerful magic tool! Stories an change the flow of our lives, can inspire and urge for actions. Like this TEDTalk
  • singing – creating sound vibrations
  • cooking – creating a masterpiece for all five senses – taste, smell, sight, touch, hearing (yes, you can hear your food bubbling in the pan)

No magic wands needed, just a pure intention and and open creative mind.

What is your magic trick for today?


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