Float to relax

As soon as I found about floatation tanks (aka sensory deprivation tanks), I had been wanting to try the experience, and now, having floated three times already, I am excited to share.

Floatation tanks are filled with very very salty water (similar to the Dead Sea water), and one can simply lay down and float. The temperature of the water is similar to the body temperature, so one feels neither hot not cold inside the tank. Once the session begins, music starts, and when the visitor is comfortable enough, he/she may switch off the light.

Here you are, floating in the complete darkness and losing your sense of space, time and all your senses. With time, if one does not move, he/she stops feeling the body at all, and the mind can wander away into the Lala land.

Sensory deprivation tanks are used for many purposes


  • you can float for fun
  • for relaxation
  • to reduce stress, anxiety, fear
  • to rest your mind
  • to boost creativity
  • to completely relax all the muscles in case of muscle disease


There have been cases when cancer patients exhausted after chemo therapy felt lighter and less pain after floating. There have been people who have had hallucinations and beautiful insights in the tanks. Floatation tanks have helped people who had anxiety and depression.

Now I guess it’s time to share my personal experience. I have to say that as soon as I lay down on any surface, I fall asleep immediately, and this has happened all three times when I visited the tank. The last time sleep was not too deep and I felt as if stuck between sleep and awake states, observing myself but not feeling anything. When I moved slightly in the water, I felt as if drifting away along the river, a very pleasant sensation. I did not see any colors or shapes, complete darkness. During one of the sessions I could feel tension decompress from my tired wrists (after I had done one week massage course), and I felt pain in different parts of body, which with time slowly melted away by itself.

After the session ended and I slightly moved in the water, I could feel my spine crack multiple times. I also felt completely numb and had no desire to move whatsoever. It was so nice and warm inside the floating pod, similar to the mother’s womb. When I opened the door and walked out into the room, I was very very cold, and had to stand under the hot shower for ten minutes. My knees were bending as I walked, and relaxation spread all over the body. I was

If you are curious to see me before and after the float, please check out the video.

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