What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Imagine this – you are not afraid of failure, judgement, lack of money, possibility of failure – so many opportunities open up for you, and you can do just whatever it is you have always wanted to do.

I first read this question in “Who took my cheese”, a book written for business people on importance to predict change, move on and innovate. The main idea was that being to comfortable can become obsolete too quickly and that we need to face our fears to succeed.
What is outside the comfort zone? Fear. When you live with this fear, it is like a blessing – it is a signal you are moving forward and stretching your comfort zone, you are developing yourself and expanding. Have you ever been grateful for your fears? Try and see how wonderful and rewarding they are.

comfort zone.jpg

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Take out a paper, and write down at least five things you would do if you weren’t afraid. Choose the one you are most afraid of and make a small step towards doing it.

Example: I am afraid to go surfing.

  1. Read about surfing
  2. Find when your next opportunity to surf will come up
  3. Find a supporting friend to tell them you commit to surf
  4. Go for it!

Example 2: I am afraid to sleep in the airport

  1. Buy an evening flight to somewhere
  2. Stay at the airport to sleep/ or just spend the night (as I am writing this article, this is what I am doing).

Seriously, you will at least enjoy the adrenaline from doing what you are afraid of. So why wait? Let’s do it!




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