Little bites of joy

When we open our eyes and stop living on autopilot, we are able to find joy in every little moment in no effort.

What are little bites of joy? The moments when you feel alive the most and when you are grateful and aware of all the joy you can get from it. In every moment, here and now, there is great potential for joy, go for it!

On our last day in Myanmar, we were riding on a minibus from Bagan to Mandalay and we stopped for a 15 minute break somewhere in a small village. I came out of the bus and saw three young monks begging for food and immediately bought them some dried coconuts! Oh wow, it was so much joy to offer food to the monks who actually needed it. In Thailand I saw so many monks well taken care of and well fed that I did not feel it necessary to offer food anymore.

Then I bought some dried coconut and started eating it myself – yummy, better than “Bounty” chocolate, what a joyful morning.

We went to a teashop where everyone was drinking tea, laughing and smoking cigarettes. There was even a lighter hanging from the ceiling on a rope for people to light up their smokes. We were sitting there by a tiny table drinking green tea, and looking around. And finally, after a week in Myanmar, I felt this country was real, I felt surrounded by real people. This moment, even though not too long, will be one of my most precious memories from Myanmar. When things are real and you are present, it’s time to bite the joy!

How to find the little bites of joy?

Practise mindfulness – be in the present moment, right here, right now. When you are present, you can discover more than you noticed before.

Mindfulness reminder – you can use an app (I use Mindfulness bell) to get a bell ring every 1-2 hours and remind you to come back to present. When the bell rings, close your eyes and try to be in the present moment for at least a minute.

Gratitude – when things get unpleasant, think about everything that there is in your life you can be grateful for. There are things we take for granted. Inhale, think about something you take for granted, exhale. Remind yourself how lucky you are.

More examples of the many bites of joy I have encountered recently –

bites of joy mehmehsasa 001.jpg
buying handmade socks from a real grandma who made them and knowing they will keep my mama warm in winter
bites of joy mehmehsasa 002.jpg
morning tea in a beautiful cup
bites of joy mehmehsasa 003.jpg
going to the mountains together with my role model of kindness
bites of joy mehmehsasa 004.jpg
seeing your tattoo artist once a year and hanging out talking about girl things
bites of joy mehmehsasa 005.jpg
morning greetings from cat and flowers
bites of joy mehmehsasa 006.jpg
meditating near Dnister river with this beautiful girl!
bites of joy mehmehsasa 008.jpg
opening your eyes when the sun is kissing someone
bites of joy mehmehsasa 007.jpg
putting some flowers on your head and pretending to be a vast field

Dream on and bite as much joy as you can from this life.

Yours, Katrusiaka




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