Celebrate life

One of the greatest traditions of humans is to celebrate birthdays. I am not sure who came up with this and when, but celebrating the day you came into this world is powerful, even if it’s just eating cake and remembering your good deeds.

What about other aspects of life? Is there some celebration lacking?

In December 2016 I got together with some friends to work on a sheet for reflecting on the past year and welcoming the resolutions of the upcoming 2017. One of the questions made us think more than the rest – How do you celebrate you achievements?

All of us had achievements, and when we wrote them down, we were proud of ourselves. We all agreed we had good lives and enjoyed 2016 a lot, as well as learnt many things and grew in many aspects. However, a certain degree of acknowledgement or celebration was missing.

Recently on Eath Day, I facilitated a meditation workshop in which except for meditation we also talked about celebration. It was called Meditate and Celebrate. In this article I would like to share to parts. First, I will ask you some questions, please think about them and speak your answers out loud, or even better write them down. Give yourself enough time for part one, do not rush. In the second part I will share our ideas of celebrations, big and small, that we came up with during the workshop, and you are welcome to add more ideas in the comments.

Part one – questions


What have you done/said/thought in the past year that made you proud of yourself ?

Remember a moment when you felt empowered. What was it about? How did it feel?

What are things in life that are awesome and free of charge? (example: playing with kids, or smelling flowers)

How can you celebrate and acknowledge your every day achievements and big goal achievements?

How can you celebrate loss and letting go?

Think of a person you are very grateful to, maybe someone you are most grateful to in your life. Write a short letter to them about things they did that you appreciate and share how it makes you feel. Then call them on the phone and read tis letter (if possible)

Reflect on your feelings after answering all of these questions, check in on your overall state.

Make a resolution to do one thing every day to celebrate life which is not part of your daily habits, stick to this resolution at least for one week.

Part two – suggestions


These are free and exciting ways of celebrating life that we came up with. Feel free to add to the list!

Dancing under the rain

People watching

Singing in the shower


Sharing a smile with someone you do not know

Having sex



Reading (if you borrow the book)


Making friends

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