Write to heal

Since a very young age, I have kept journals. I put photos of boys I liked inside and wrote down important events of my middle school life. I even wrote poetry, and I still like some poems from those days. Now, when I am almost 30 years old, I start to truly appreciate journaling and writing and discover all of its benefits.

Today I would like to share some writing exercises that really helped me heal and reveal my creativity and I am sure can help you too. Enjoy!

Happiness log

When I was down one day and for many days, my friend told me we can literally rewire our brains into happiness. I did not believe her. She told me to write down three good things that happened to me every day for month. I did, and I learnt I could appreciate a lot in my life and I learnt to be grateful. Gratitude made me happier. Happiness, similar to anger and fear can be easily passed on to those around us, and the best thing you can share with the world is the happy you.

Morning pages

In her book, the Artist Way, Julia Cameron suggests to write three pages every morning of what she calls “stream of consciousness”. Even if you have no clue what to write and you tun out of ideas, simply continue writing anything, like “i dont know what to write”. This, similar to a morning meditation, will help you get rid if the thoughts digested overnight and throw away everything from your head that is not worth thinking about. You do not have yo ever reread your morning pages. Unless you really want to, then reread no sooner than in one month. In only one week of doing this exercise you will see how light your mind will become.

Twenty goals

write to heal 2 _ mehmehsasa

Do you know what you want? I am not sure about myself. Humans, as everything in this world, tend to change a lot from one day to another. No wonder they say every day one becomes a new person and on should try to become only better than himself/herself. Writing down 20 goals every morning is a useful exercise that will help you identify what are your core goals and wishes, and what is not that important. Do not reread your yesterdays goals, especially before you start writing, but try to let yourself be free and feel what is it that you want today. Writing down your goals from day today you will learn more about yourself and what it is you truly want. You may be surprised how different you wishes are from what the society is telling you you should want. Try one if these exercises and let me know how it feels and if writing helps you understand yourself.

wite to heal 3 _ mehmehsasa.jpg

One thought on “Write to heal”

  1. Writing down your goals is so important, whether it’s daily goals or 10-year goals. It helps you focus your energy towards a positive intent, which helps you along your path towards accomplishing those goals.


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