Naked beach Koh Phangan

Have you ever been to a naked beach? A must try for everyone.ย 

In Thailand it is illegal to be naked in public. You can get deported for this. I have heard a story about a couple swimming naked in a river in Pai, who got deported for this.

There is, however, a naked beach in Koh Phangan where you can be naked! I am not sure how legal it is, but the beach is chill, and everyone just suntans naked, swims naked and no one feels awkward. The location is here.

naked beach koh phangan 2.jpg

Sinceย I am staying right next to the naked beach, I had to go check it out. And I also challenged my friend, who felt shy in the beginning.

How does it feel to be naked on the beach?

It is one of the most natural feelings, humans were not born wearing clothes. One can get an even suntan, and nothing is on your way when you are swimming.

The people who come here are nice, friendly and do not stare. Some practise yoga, others play on musical instruments, some come with kids. Most of the people are suntanning, reading books and enjoying the sun, and they do not care much to see you naked, so no need to be shy.

My friend’s comment: “In the beginning I felt shy, and then you forced me, so I had no choice but to sit and enjoy. It was going out of my comfort zone. Swimming felt good, one can swim faster, and the feeling of being in the water completely naked is different, but I was afraid of the jellyfish ;).”

No matter if you are shy and it will help you expand your comfort zone, or you are absolutely confident, and need a bite of freedom, the naked beach in Koh Phangan is recommended in any case. Enjoy and let us know how it felt!

NOTE: I haven’t been there for two years now, the beach has been taken down from google map. If you go there, make sure you check it is safe to be naked, and only then enjoy.

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13 thoughts on “Naked beach Koh Phangan”

  1. Hi Katia, it’s really inspiring to read your stories. I recently noticed this blog and now reading about your experiences. One of my friends invited me to Latvia and said we could swim naked there. I don’t know if it’s legal there, hope it is. My response was positive however I think I might feel the same way as your friend, at least at the beginning ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m very interested what I would feel if I’m totally naked among all other naked people ๐Ÿ˜€


    1. Hi Ross, thank you for sharing your feelings about naked swimming. I am sure you will like it! I guess in Latvia it should be much less conservative than in Thailand and you should be able to swim naked there ) Let me know how it goes!


      1. Hi Katia,
        Good to know this, I’m going back to Kohphangan this august and would take my friend there but it must be safe otherwise she will get scare as she is not yet a naturist person. Hope will not get problem with autorities. Will let you know then.
        Thanks a lot.


  2. Hello ๐Ÿ™‚ Such an inspiring article! We’re planning to go to Koh Phangan in the beginning of March this year and have some questions about the beach you attended. Is nudism like… ‘widely practiced’ over there – are there more people? Is it like the whole beach dedicated for nudists or just a part of it which has to be found? When have you been over there – I found some information that nudism is not allowed nowadays over there – do you have any information if that’s true? What about weather in March? Is it sunny during the whole day? ๐Ÿ™‚ Best greetings!


    1. Hello Matt. Once you arrive to Zen beach, just walk over to the right and you will find the naked beach there. It is not official, as nudism is not allowed in Thailand, but no one is prohibiting it in place, and people are peacefully suntanning there. Just check out where the naked people are and join them ) and let me know how it goes. When we went, the naked beach was on the map, but now it was taken down, so not sure how it is right now, but totally worth checking out. Zen beach is lovely and beautiful even if you swim in the swimming suit. Enjoy! (I went last March, the weather was lovely)


      1. Hi May,
        Thanks for the info, if you could give me more info how to enjoy naturism at the Zen beach in Kohphangan or others places in Thailand, as my girl and I will be back in Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Kohphangan this august.
        But the places must be safe because my girl is not yet a naturist person. Do you think it is possible to own a naturist resort with private beach in Kohphangan or somewhere else in Thailand ? And how to proceed it ?
        Thanks a lot for your help.


      1. I live on Koh Phangan and I am writing this comment naked on this beach…

        There has indeed been a police raid in summer 2018 and for the next 5 months or so hardly anyone dared to be naked there. Since January 2019 everything is back to normal with up to 100 nudists there on sunny days in high season and up to 20 maybe in low season = now.


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