Why we shouldn’t force ourselves to wake up early

About the harm of alarms and the lack of self love

This article is to promote sleeping in, pampering yourself and doing whatever the heck you want in the morning. 

According to ‘five habits of successful’ people you need to wake up at 5AM, meditate, practise yoga, write your diary, do affirmations, have a coffee, have a healthy breakfast, cut your nails, shave your armpits, read Russian classics, go for a jog, read your newspaper and work on your startup. And then die back to sleep around noon.

What’s all this hassle about? Why exactly do you need to work on your startup at 5AM? Can it wait until 8AM?

I was so desperately trying to push myself to wake up early for about two years now. I came up with different tricks:

  • I bought a horrible sounding alarm clock from Ikea and left it outside of my room with the door open, so I would have to run to switch it off in the morning
  • I drank a lot of water in the evening to be ready to pee as soon as the alarm rings
  • I set my alarm to the most pleasant melodies and most annoying sounds
  • I would meditate as soon as I woke up and sleep for another hour in my meditation sitting upright
  • I opened my window to let in fresh air and light
  • I fell out of bed onto my yoga mat and started practising first thing in the morning, from time to time blanking out on my mat for minutes
  • I worked in meditation retreats a lot in the past years, so I tricked myself into situations where it was obligatory to wake up at 5 AM

And sometimes these strategies worked, but I pushed myself so much, that it could not be sustainable.

And now that I can arrange my day and build my own schedule I allowed myself one thing – to sleep in.

These are the wonderful discoveries of sleeping in:

  • turns out I do need to sleep 8 hours per day, not 6 hours as I thought before;

  • turns out I can complete so many tasks in a much shorter time if I am well rested. And now i know exactly when I will wake up without my alarm – if I go to bed at 10, I will wake up at 6, if I go to bed at 12, I will wake up at 8;

  • it feels less stressful to wake up to sunshine rather than waking up to darkness, and when you wake up out of being fully rested rather than from annoying sounds of your alarm;

  • alarms are dangerous – they stress us out first thing in the morning.

good morning_Sunshine.jpg

Do not wake up at 6 AM in the morning like successful people do. What is successful? Do you really want to be that successful?

For me a successful day is when I feel connected to myself and the people around me and when I contribute and grow, and it all starts from self love and allowing myself to rest when I need to rest.

I challenge you to sleep in for the next 7 days and see how your life will magically change!

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