Mental fart?

A disastrous explosion of anxiety, overthinking and complicating – how to deal with a mental fart

Have you ever been anxious without a reason? Woken up all sweaty? Lost your sense of direction and felt like the world is a balloon pointlessly floating around and so easy to pop? Welcome to the club of mental farters.

What is a mental fart?

Mental fart is a non scientific term, which describes an explosion of negative emotions without a reason, loss of direction and grounding, overthinking, complicating life and fear to make choices and decisions.

When is it common to experience mental farts?

  • Full moon
  • when we push ourselves into doing what we hate
  • when we are in such a good position we have nothing to complain
  • when we overanalyse the situation and get tired of it
  • when our mind is overloaded
  • for many other reasons

How to deal with mental farts?

There is no better dealing with mental farts than letting them be. If you suppress, avoid or try to get busy to ignore your mental fart, it is very likely to come back, but next time it will be more powerful. Experience it, let it be, enjoy it like you enjoy a normal fart. Let your mind release what it needs to ged rid of.

Beware! Mental fart hangover is a painful state in which you may often realise you had said things your shouldn’t have to the people you like. Be careful while mentally farting, in no way does it excuse you from being nice to your friends and family.


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