2017 wish list – write your resolutions

There is no better time to plan next year than now, at the end of this year. Shall we?

There is no better time to plan next year than now, at the end of this year. Shall we?

For the past two years my friend and I have been writing New year’s resolutions together and supporting each other in making them come true. And the fact that I am in Thailand and she is in Bolivia does not really stop us. I have been pretty surprised because everything I had put on paper came true, even if only to a certain extent. Some examples from this year – go to India to practise yoga, eat mindfully (not perfect at it but never been so close), speak Thai (I can get around), become fluent in Spanish (considering I am not working on it at all, I am so fluent), fall in love (so what if it did not work out?  I allowed myself to open up, and that’s important), get published (oh no, this was just a dream and today I signed my book contract!)


Why is it important to know what you want? When you get into a cab and you want to go to Independence square, you tell the cab driver where to take you. If you really just tell him – take me anywhere, will you end up at the Independence square? No. Define your direction, even if you have no desire to ever be attached to anything. In the end, you can always change your direction, but its important to be concentrated on something to move forward.


Please do not believe me. Try it for yourself.

  1. Get out a pretty piece of paper, set a timer for five minutes and let yourself loose – write everything you have ever wanted, without trying to consider if it’s possible or not. Just write.
  2. After the time is up, you can relax and think about more things you want without pressure. Relax and softly invite your dreams on the paper for as long as you want. Dream it up.
  3. When you have a big pile of wishes out there on your pretty sheet of paper, try to arrange them by your priorities. How to decide what is more important? Only the things that get you excited, that make you smile, that help you feel more alive. Choose intuitively, do not think much, follow your heart.
  4. When you pretty list is done, stick it to the wall somewhere you shall see it every day, or put it on as your desktop picture or you phone cover picture. Make sure you remind yourself. And share your list with friends. Dreams, like cocoa, are better when shared with a friend.

Will my resolutions come true?

Write them down! With a pen. When we write things down, this creates new neurological connections in our brains and we start subconsciously looking for things we have written in the outer world. In the end, whatever surrounds us is very often the mirror of our inner state.

Have you noticed how your mind finds all kinds of excuses not to do new things? If you challenge yourself and tell people about your resolutions, they will encourage and support you and it will be easier to follow through.

Make a step forward every time you are feeling uncomfortable. Discomfort means you are stepping our of your comfort zone, it means something new and it will always turn out exciting as long as you are not afraid of it.

Remind yourself. What is it that you want? Where are you going? Reread your goals every day, or better yet, rewrite them. Whatever is not important, shall fade away. The important ones will stay with you.

Enjoy the process as much as the result. If you have to do something you completely hate for years to achieve something you want, it means you have chosen the wrong path. Life is a process and if we all cared about the end goal only, we would just look forward to dying, but we aren’t, are we? As long as you are enjoying most of the time, you know that you are on the right path.

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