Go kayaking on Desna river

Why go kayaking on Desna river in Ukraine? Because it’s beautiful, affordable and quiet. Dive into the nature and dissolve yourself in it.

This post is about many good reasons to go kayaking on Desna river in Ukraine in springtime.

Desna ready.JPG

Back in university years in 2011, my friends and I went on a weekend trip floating down Desna river on a kayak. And looking back at the photos, I can give you so many reasons why it’s worth going down Desna river on a kayak.

1. Go with the flow, and no need to carry your backpacks. We packed a lot on that long light kayak and still managed to go down the river, fish and drink on the way.

Desna getting ready.JPG

2. Make a fire and stop anywhere you want

Desna fire.jpg

3. Fish on the kayak and off the kayak. Just bring your own fishing rod.

Desna finishing.JPG

4. Eat sandwiches, and food freshly cooked on the fire, cook a fish soup in a sock, just because the fish is too small and we don’t want its bones in the soup.

Desna шпажка.jpg

5. Eat, chat and rest in the nature, where everything is at ease, and no one is around. Enjoy the silence with no music, just water, clouds and fresh air.

Desna prival.JPG

6. Brush your teeth not in front of the sink and mirror, but looking at a beautiful slow flowing Desna river in the morning. Wake up not to the sound of the alarm, but because the sun heats up your tent and it’s time to start the day. Wake up with ease and smile on your face.

Desna teeth brushing.jpg

7. Call your friends because you are tired of moving and stuck in the bushes in the middle of the river.

Desna call friends.jpg

8. And no matter what happened last night, the nature will cure your hangovers and put you back into perfect balance, just ground yourself.

Desna nature.JPG

Hope this inspires at least one person to go down the Desna river in spring. I am inspired to go back! And if you don’t feel like Desna river, try Southern Bug or any other river in Ukraine.

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