No hair don’t care

Why it feels good to just shave your head one day without a reason and how nice it feels being bald


Is there anything you have always wanted but somehow never dared to do? For me it was shaving my head and I am happy to share how amazing it felt! Just be bold to be bald!


Just for the hell of it. If you are curious what an ice-cream tastes like, you buy it and taste it. If you are curious what it feels like to have no hair, you shave your head and you know. You only live once.

In many societies women are often stereotypically viewed as beautiful dolls who do not have to do anything as long as they are beautiful. I cannot complain about my appearance and I guess I could get many things in life for free just for a smile, so I wanted to see if people would treat me differently if I had no hair. They did give me a couple of strange looks, but in general my new hairstyle was very much accepted, and it made me feel good.

How did it feel?

I am grateful to have a friend who pushed me to do what I really wanted and what I really feared. That evening I was flying to India, and my friend simply told me we had to shave my head, now or never. I was a bit stressed about it, but what a miraculous feeling when he first cut off my hair with scissors, and my head already felt much lighter, and then he shaved it with my razor. Half an hour later it was done and I looked very different from the last selfie with hair.



I guess I did get scared at times when I saw myself in the mirror and it was unusual at first, but at the same time so liberating and light, that I agree with what people say, every woman (let alone men) should shave her head at least once in a lifetime.

  • it will make you appreciate your beauty
  • it will make you look at things differently
  • it will help you start whatever it is you couldn’t start for a long time
  • it will help you reclaim your personal power
  • it’s fun!

What is it that you have been wanting to do for a while and did not dare? Go out there and do it! Today, now!

and you can wear some earrings and still pull it off!

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