No shampoo for five months!

After five months of no shampoo I don’t feel like ever using it again.

no shampoo

Surrounded and confused by all the challenges and hashtags from social media, I stumbled upon an article about how toothpaste had fluoride and was bad for you, and started making my own toothpaste. Then I found one about shampoo and other chemicals and decided, just out of curiosity, to stop using shampoo for a month.

I have always been a Head&Shoulders addict and was washing my hair every second day, so I expected it to be very greasy and a lot of suffering. It indeed was greasy, for like two weeks. It was not as disgusting as I thought it would be though.

Some people who refuse using shampoo just decide to stop doing whatsoever to their hair and just don’t wash it for months until it supposedly comes back to its natural balance. I couldn’t do that. I went for baking soda.

The recepy is:

  1. mix a spoon of baking soda in a glass of water, and pour it over your hair, concentrating on the scalp and scratching it trying to peel off all the dead skin.
  2. mix a spoon or two of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water, and use it as conditioner, then wash off with a lot of water.

This is because baking soda is alkaline and it will clean your scalp off from all the acid and dirt that has been collected on it. And apple cider vinegar is supposed to bring back the healthy acidity to the skin on your head so it doesn’t dry off from the soda. This is to be done not more often than every four days. It is also better to use warm or cold water (but not hot), to avoid your skin releasing too much oil.

Other things I have used: hemp seeds blended with water, kaffir lime shampoo (100% kaffir lime, looks more like a green smoothie)

Other things people have used: melted snow water, glycerin, charcoal, clay, rye flour.

This is what I looked like after a month and a half (and on this picture I have freshly washed my hair with baking soda).

Later I must confess I went to dye my hair once (about a month ago), and the hair dye was like a very strong shampoo, but I guess my hair got used to the ‘no poo’ method, cause other than that I have been washing it with kaffir lime, and its pretty clean and fluffy.

Dare to try?

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