JJ Green vintage night market

Shopping, drinking, eating, and more fun activities at Bangkok’s JJ Green Vintage night market

Located in the north of Bangkok, next to infamous Chatuchak or JJ weekend market, JJ Green is more more fun, less touristy, more hipster, and can be not only shopping, but a whole experience.

If you are around BTS Mochit in evening from Thursday to Sunday, or have lost track of time shopping crazily at Chatuchak, I highly recommend to visit JJ Green, which opens at 8 pm. 

Here you may not find any Thai souvenirs, but you will find the cool stuff Thai youngsters are interested in. 


It’s not for babies, but baby sized pizza =)

There are restaurants that sell papaya salad, Thai version of Western food, stands like ‘Fry for you’ and ‘HaHa Yum’, there is a Baby pizza vaggon, and huge desserts – toast with ice-cream , honey and chocolate, or shaved ice with ice-cream topped with sweetened condensed milk. On top of that, one of the lines between the clothes stalls, sells all kinds of street food, from strawberry yoghurt shake to fried cheese and donuts. Thai youngsters don’t simply come here to shop, they come for an experience. 



At the more remote corner of the market you will find a stage where local musicians perform all night long. This is also where motorbikes hang out. Remember to check out old vintage shops next to the stage. Musicians do not limit their performance to the stage only, you can find guitar players at different corners of the market and entertaining crowds.



Here you can buy everything from old school posters, house plant, sell phone covers to second hand shoes and pokemon hats. It is well worth walking around the market just to check the stuff out. For example, last time I went, I bought 5 baby cacti for a 100 baht, a finger skateboard, a huge tattoo sticker with devil face and a loofah. 


Just as you enter, if you turn to the right and walk forward, you will go to the shopping area, if you turn right and then left, towards the buildings, you will find restaurants and rooftop bars. The bars overlooking the market have a good view and gather crowds at weekends, they also have live music. If you are looking to be in a quiet place and enjoy the rooftop space, come late, or on Thursday or Sunday. 

Hair styling and manicure


Hipsters need beard trimming! Even though Thai hipsters don’t posses thick beards, they still go to barber shops, just to be cool. And if you really don’t have a beard, there is always an option of painting your nails.

Sweet drinks

As much as they are famous in Thailand, in JJ Green market they are even more famous. You can find black jelly in jars with white smoke steaming on top, bubble tea, psychedelic colored drinks in plastic bags that look like iv drips, and more. If you need to raise your blood sugar immediately, you are in the right place. 


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